Sept. 16, 2022

Welcome to the Show

Welcome to the Show

Welcome to the Show! We provide weekly episodes featuring how-to guides, tutorials, and expert guests for podcasters. Go to for more information about the upcoming launch of the podcast!

Go to to learn more about the podcast launch.



Welcome to the Show! If only earbuds could talk, right? They would tell us what podcasts to listen to and who we needed to learn from to be our best.

Hey, friend. My name is Todd Hixenbaugh and I am the host of The Animated Earbud. This podcast is designed to help you discover how to run your own podcast and who you should be paying attention to in the industry.

If you are a veteran podcaster or haven’t even recorded your first episode, this podcast is for you.

Tutorials, how-to guides, and expert guests will be featured on this feed to help you grow your show.

The mission is to help podcasters be their best. This show will do just that every Monday morning with fresh content.

Go to to sign-up for more strategy, updates, and to learn more about the upcoming launch.